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Today the smart-phone market is as varied as ever. There is an option for everybody who wants to buy a new phone, so much so that it is becomes very confusing to decide which phone gives you the best bang for your buck, and many of the times we end up buying something that we probably didn’t want.

Here are 10 things that shall help you zero in on the phone that works for you.

1.Evaluating your Usage

Having a phone that serves your purpose should be the paramount to our decision for buying a new phone. Are you a gamer? Or are you into smartphone photography? Or are you a burgeoning social media star? May be you are a media consuming beast, the ultimate power user or a person of simple basic needs.

It is imperative before you go out looking for a new phone that you figure out what exactly you want from your phone instead of falling prey to the TV commercials and advertisements.


Now that you have decided what you are going to primarily use your new phone for, it shall help you decide the budget for it. Now a days,

Cheaper phones are getting better while good phones are cheaper. 


So you can easily get a phone for a small budget that perform well to cater to your needs. You can even sell your old phone on websites like Cashify, Olx or Quickr to raise your budget and look for convenient options and offers to finance your purchase and don’t forget to bargain if you are out in the store, some persuasion may get you a really good deal. 


This is something that doesn’t need much mention for the new generation of smart-phone buyers. It is always better to have the best hardware specifications for your phone in your budget and not settle on just some superficial features.

This includes a solid build quality, a good camera, a better processor, all the different sensors that you need (most primarily accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, ambient light sensor and proximity sensor), and some ample RAM, internal storage and battery.

It is wise to get a live demo of the phone you are planning to buy.

4. After-sales Services

While we do hope while buying a new phone that we don’t face any hardware or software issues in future, it is something which is unavoidable in electronic products. A shattered screen is only a few drops away, to keep in mind.

And while most mobile phone companies strive to provide the best features for the price, the after-sales services of many is terrible at best.

So it is imperative that before you are out buying a new phone from a brand, you check the service network of the company and that you have one service center near to your location, so that you have some peace of mind for the piece of tech that you have bought.

5. Software Updates

A good software update cycle for your phone ensures that your phone keeps fresh and running smoother for longer. Also you get the latest and greatest features as an added cherry on top.

Many smart-phone manufacturers are very generous in the hardware and features they provide in their new phones but are very lousy when it comes to ensuring a good software update cycle.

It bodes well, knowing you would be getting steady updates throughout your phone’s  life-cycle unless you are planning to buy a new phone every other year.

Check our Best Smartphone Picks and let us know what are the things that you consider before buying a new phone in the comments below.


  1. This post is really useful to the people who are planning to buy new Phone. I Appreciate your effort to put all the considerable points under one headline.

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